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A New School Year Begins. Where Do You Send Your Children to Learn Chinese?

Jincheng Huang

The two-month summer holiday is almost over. Children will be back in the classroom in September. At this time of the year, many Chinese parents will ask themselves: Where should I send my children to learn Chinese?

This is a very pertinent question, especially for those parents who are sending their first kid to elementary school. Fortunately, it is not a difficult question to answer in the city of Edmonton, which boasts a highly successful English-Chinese bilingual education system.

Currently, five Edmonton public elementary schools provide English-Chinese bilingual education:

Caernarvon Elementary School

Tel 456-7020

Dovercourt Elementary School

Tel 455-6171

Kildare Elementary School

Tel 476-5675

Meadowlark Elementary School

Tel 489-5200

Meyonohk Elementary School

Tel 463-7627

All the schools have their distinctive features and provide school bus service for their respective school districts, giving parents a wide range of choice. As Chinese families tend to attach great importance to education, schools with a high concentration of students of Chinese origin usually enjoy high teaching standards.

In addition, four junior high and four senior high schools also provide Chinese education, including both English-Chinese bilingual and Chinese as a Second Language programs.

The four junior high schools are:

Londonderry Junior High School

Tel 473-4560

Ottewell Junior High School

Tel 466-7331   

Parkview Junior High School

Tel 483-3415

Rosslyn  Junior High School

Tel 453-1576

The four senior high schools are:

Eastglen Senior High School    

Tel 479-1991

M.E. LaZerte Senior High School

Tel 408-9800 

McNally Senior High School

Tel 469-0442

Ross Sheppard Senior High School

Tel 448-5000



The last three of the above senior high schools also provide Chinese IB courses.